A Day in Duke’s Eyes, Part I

Introduction: I always knew animals, not just pets, had expressive faces, but I must confess that Duke, my husband’s pit bull mix, is beyond me. He’s like a furry, four-legged, barking human! I’ve been paying more and more attention to him during the mornings, and I couldn’t help myself. See for yourself:


“A Day in Duke’s Eyes, Part I”
by Elle

When the alarm starts buzzing,
I start pouncing
On mama.

She must pay the price
For she is first to rise
From bed.

Not only I demand payment,
Syren too requires replenishment
Of food.

Rushing down the padded stair,
The anticipation’s too much to bear.
“Hurry, ma!”

“Instead of the pantry,” she talks.
With our collars in hand, she walks
To the door.

Excited, we crowd her legs.
With collars on, Syren begs,
“Let’s go!”

We race out the door,
Leaving behind the fluffy floor.
We’re free.

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2014

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