Meet the Contributors to Short Stack Story Time. These are the amateur writers who joined after the January 1, 2015, when the plans of opening up the doors to amateur/anonymous writers started coming to life.

David ArenasDavid Arenas
Contributor, Poetry
Joined: January 4, 2015

*** Background Coming Soon ***

Poetic DJPoetic DJ
Contributor, Poetry & Journal
Joined: February 1, 2015 (official)

An avid traveler and writer, Poetic DJ has a passion for three things: Traveling, music, and poetry. Inspired to travel by her grandfather, Poetic DJ has stepped foot in 26 countries, working as a DJ in many countries to support her wanderings and writing poetry on her down time. Her poetry stems from the music she listens to and has a very intimate connection with her own personal life.

TA Rindler 2T.A. Rindler
Contributor, Poetry; Short Story; Journal
Joined: February 20, 2015 (official)

T.A. Rindler is a man of endless thought that vary from creative to philosophical. To him, writing is a journey to capture the light of countless stars and the life of infinite planets. With literature as his vehicle, he invites everyone to hitch a ride as he explores the far reaches of his thoughtful universe.


3 Responses to Contributors

  1. Poetic DJ says:

    Thank you so much for including me!

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