Sunday with Dave: Behind Ahead

Nerve senses the push scouring within
it must leave only the durable illusion
that else than act fraught massacred in decree
a simple strip to imagine then move

revolve but each turn a different branch
placed in file never thrown its order
a command cut from disturbing twist
how time shifts in bodily loss

laugh to bring out the menacing cue
when in a rush a rise that abandons origin
cast out to discover relation isolates
cold to cower from peerage into impress

the weight of osmosis compels emphasis
seemly coinciding with mistaken euphoria
the settle precedes and accompanies burst
when asked to lumber through
relinquishing the quieted as stilt.

© Dave Arenas “Behind Ahead” 4/3/2009
© Dave Arenas “Behind Ahead” Short Stack Story Time 2015

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