Hot Spot: International Peace Garden

On the first weekend of August, my husband and I went on an overnight trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, and before we left, we had agreed to go to one location to site-see and pull the “tourist” move. Since check-out was at 9am (we did the whole AirBnB thing, and it fit the price we paid for the bed), we figured we could do something outdoors for a change.

While there’s a lot of free museums in SLC, I’m really a big fan of sculpture gardens (all thanks to Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet, SC), so I had looked up the International Peace Garden and decided that we were going to see that location. The first thing I will say: I was a bit leery about the location. When we pulled off I-15 South and stopped at the first stop light, I noticed the corner stores all had bars on the windows and had grated gates on the outside AND inside of the doors. The houses in the neighborhood were worn down and many had grass knee- or waist-high. My husband – probably thinking the same as me – locked the doors to the car.

Pulling into the park, there was plenty of parking, and people were setting up for some kind of open air market or festival in the central front grassy area that was well-shaded with these massive trees. (Yes, I was amazed by the sheer size of the trees in SLC. You don’t see trees that big in Vegas.) So, we parked and ate a quick breakfast of Lunchables and hard-boiled eggs.

Now, to the International Peace Garden!

Located on the Jordan River in SLC, the International Peace Garden was originally founded in 1939 under the watchful eyes of the Salt Lake Council of Women (and naturally, the city government). In 2002, the SLC Winter Olympics Legacy funded the Olympic Legacy which provided improvements to the garden. Representing 28 (or 29… can’t remember exact number) countries, the garden is divided into sections that allows guests to see what individual countries donated and provided in order to beautify their plot of land. There were so many different flowers from around the globe, different trees, and of course, statues, sculptures, and concepts that reflected the different countries.

Some countries had very elaborate plots such as Japan, China, Greece, some focused on their flora, while some just sort of fell short on the “awe” factor. (Not going to name countries.)


For a morning visit, it was quiet and very much peaceful, and my husband and I enjoyed “judging” the plots. We were being careful not to get our shoes too wet, as it had rained heavily during the night, but the rain did the garden good because all the flowers were in full bloom and everything was just this beautiful green. (We don’t get to see a lot of green in the desert, so excuse us for being so excited about grass. *laughs*)

It’s worth to see if you’re into botany, looking for a quiet place in SLC, or wanting to get in some culture along with exercise and the beautiful outdoors.

It took us a little over an hour to walk and look at everything in the garden, and my husband even asked if we could pluck a flower and transplant it in Vegas. (A. The plant wouldn’t survive the trip and B. The plant wouldn’t survive the Vegas heat!)

Overall, we enjoyed our stroll “around the globe.

My husband gives it a 4 out of 5 and recommends visiting the garden for visitors. “I enjoyed it. It was very educational,” he says.

I also give it a 4 out of 5 and recommend it for families who want to release energy before driving out of SLC and also for those who want to meditate. I bet it’d be an awesome place to have engagement and/or wedding photos done. *hmmmm*

Enjoy the collages!









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