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Alpha Creation  (Prologue)

Silence, darkness, nothingness all around.  Within this void consciousness flickers in and out. Unable to distinguish any senses, it can barely identify anything except for its own existence. Drifting through the endless darkness, things only describable as frequencies are noticed; thoughts begin processing in patterns unknown. The consciousness eventually notices the … Continue reading

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Promptly Friday: Fall of the Gods

Artist: Kirill Leonov “Wait for me,” a young man shouts to his friends. “Come on guys, wait up!” “If you fall behind again, Asher, we’re leaving you in the Black Dunes!” The boys continue moving forward, laughing as they glance … Continue reading

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Rare Elements Entry: Letters from the Past

Promptly Friday is experiencing a little bit of downtime right now. So much going on that I’ve not been able to keep up with the days! Last Friday zipped by without my notice, outside of the idea that, “The workweek … Continue reading

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Promptly Friday: Contest Entries (Rare Elements)

Back in February, when I started the Facebook page to plant Promptly Friday, a company I had been following posted one of their first story prompts to get word out about their very first tabletop RPG (now live on Kickstarter). … Continue reading

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Promptly Friday: Discovering Reality

“Discovering Reality” “All that you see around us is an illusion,” he spoke softly. “Not so much of an illusion that it isn’t real, I might add. But it is a trick of perception.” “I don’t quite get it,” she … Continue reading

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Random Thought: Linked

I sleep between my husband, Duke, and Syren. Yes, I’m normally squished in the middle, and I feel like the most well-protected woman in the world.

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