About Rachel

Rachels Corner 1Hello there!

My name is Rachel, and I run Rachel’s Corner on Short Stack Story Time.

I’m currently in college for a double major in psychology and biology. When I’m not in class…

I love everything DIY at home. (Seriously, give me a nail gun, a paint sprayer, and some basic materials, and I will build you something awesome!) I started with a paintbrush and a blank canvas, but I’ve moved on to updating old furniture and making art out of old scraps of pretty much anything.

I’m not completely skilled in the kitchen, but baking is quickly becoming a hobby of mine. Though at times, I wish I had more than just me, myself and I to do it for! (A girl can only handle so much cake on her own.) I’m starting to expand my kitchen skills with easy recipes, and I’ll begin sharing some; only after I perfect the dish.

RachelLet’s not forget my most important trait: Geekism. I hold my titles as a Trekkie and a Whovian close to my heart. However, I do tend to fall in love with anything that has to do with science fiction. There’s a large portion of my heart that belongs to science and philosophy. It’s all so fascinating to me that I can’t get enough.

Writing is a long-standing hobby of mine, and that’s why I’m so grateful to be writing for Short Stack Story Time. It’s a great outlet and opportunity. So, while I am working towards turning my passion for science into a career, I’m happy to be able to share my adventures, trials, and random knowledge with everyone here at Rachel’s Corner hosted by Short Stack Story Time.