Hot Spot: Surfside Donuts

I’ve been following a new business in Pismo Beach on Facebook, and while my husband and I were visiting my former city, we made it a point to stop and give the business a taste. I’ve sworn off donuts since our April visit, but I’ll break my diet for another donut from Surfside Donuts.

Located on the corner of Dolliver and Hinds – just a crosswalk away from the Pismo Visitors’ Center – Surfside Donuts has an open air feel to it. With doors open and big windows, you can smell the donuts from the parking lot.

What I enjoy about following Surfside Donuts on FB is their ever-changing donut menu! The day we went, we had this menu to choose from:

They also serve Stumptown Coffee (hot and cold brew), which as much as I wanted to try the cold brew, I quit drinking coffee six years ago. *sad face*

Since we weren’t sure when we’d be able to return, I decided to knock out my three “dishes” in order to write a “Hot Spot” for Surfside Donut. My husband stuck to his favorite – chocolate glaze – while I went a bit out of my norm with a salted caramel and a strawberry clam shell.

My husband rated the chocolate glaze just a touch above Krispy Kreme (we both love Krispy Kreme), as the donut itself is fluffier. The strawberry clam shell is pretty much a strawberry shortcake fritter. Pretty basic in ingredients but adorable in presentation. My favorite out of the three we tried was salted caramel. The sweet and salty combined with the donut’s fluff was perfect for my taste buds.

Overall, I give Surfside Donuts:

4 forks out of 5 forks


(a) Ideal location
(b) Variety of flavors
(c) Friendly staff
(d) Excellent Prices

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