Sunday with Dave: Last Day’s Lesson Plan

“Last Day’s Lesson Plan”

Study is the record of my blindness
that reminds me I cannot stay too long,
the questions become foci
for limited turns outside of bounds,
how I still pose this
head rush query is never really answered,
was that ever really the point?
was there a necessity to my being there?
Could it have been done on its own,
or not, even with me there?
this failure that I have vexed in me,
the invoked names,
the never acted upon platitudes,
canonicity of those who fought saintliness,
just my asking registers an opposing feeling,
but the realistic assessment of sociality
the loss never occurred,
the vision was never really worth winning,
my agency is not irreplaceable,
I will and will not learn the final purpose,
the unhidden curriculum
that many find too horrifying to confront,
to believe requires
a concessive self-mockery,
a ruthless giving way
that relearns the act of unmasking the pall bearer,
to discover the mirror
caving in.

© Dave Arenas “Last Day’s Lesson Plan” 6/10/2004

© Dave Arenas “Last Day’s Lesson Plan” Short Stack Story Time 2015

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