Random Thought: Segments

I’m determined to get caught up with the segments of Short Stack Story Time.

I’ll be rewinding the segment back to April and work my way up to current day. From restaurants to locations to events, I’ll be covering the “Hot Spots” I’ve been to and checked out, so you may know a little more about certain places before you waste time and money doing it yourself.

Coming soon:

  • Event – Taste of Pismo, Pismo Beach, CA
  • Restaurant – Surfside Donuts, Pismo Beach, CA
  • Location – Old Railroad Trail, Boulder City, NV
  • Restaurant – Pinches Tacos @ Container Park, Las Vegas, NV

Along with “Hot Spot,” I’ve been slacking on updating “In The Kitchen,” and I aim to make it up to some of my recipe followers with several recipes and what I’m preparing “In The Kitchen” with our new healthy lifestyle. Of course, I’ll still toss in some desserts into the mix. *smiles*

I’ve also watched a handful of movies that lack a “Look Back,” so I’ll strive to catch up on those, though it may take me a little longer to do them.

So, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Mondays – Hot Spot with Elle (starting June 22)
  • Wednesdays – In The Kitchen with Elle (pending start date)
  • Thursdays – Look Back with Elle (pending start date)
  • Fridays – Promptly Friday by TA Rindler
  • Saturdays – In My Head or Poetry by Poetic DJ
  • Sundays – Sunday with Dave, poetry by Dave Arenas

Thanks for your patience and patronage. Also, stay tuned for a giveaway in the future.


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