In My Head: Euro Trip

[Written June 2]

I’m prepping to leave beautiful Brazil, and my heart is slightly sinking. I didn’t think that I’d feel this way, but I’ve made some awesome friends.

The Amazon mission was incredible… eye-opening really. Who knew this Kansas City introvert would get to experience that level of intimacy with the massive jungle of the Amazon. I saw that Elle shared my e-mails with everyone, so I really don’t have to go into extreme detail about my one month, but I will say this:

If you ever get a chance to travel and help those less fortunate, I highly advise you to jump at the chance to disconnect from first-world technology and lifestyle and live as the locals you’re helping. I got to sleep in a hut with hammocks every 3 paces, to eat foods I’d never get to taste with the FDA breathing on every bit of food, and to test my (lack of) skills with the bow and arrow.

[Side note: Elle, you said something about picking up archery as a hobby. I highly recommend it. There’s a thrill in actually hitting your mark, and it’s definitely quieter than using a gun when hunting. I dare you to test your skills with a (mouth) dart tube as well. Challenge accepted?]

So, what’s next for me?

Besides having to type up my “test” poetry – it’s what I call my poetry written without music – for Short Stack, I’m off to Europe! Spain for I’m not really sure how long. A friend of mine asked if I’d help out in the family shop for a bit, and I’ve agreed – for a living wage or what I consider “living wage”… enough for me to save up to travel and eat to my next destination.

Seeing how I’ve already made my trip around Europe before, I was thinking about hitting up Poland, Sweden, Norway, and other Eastern European destinations. My Euro-circle are hesitant, as I don’t know anyone in those countries, and a few of them have agreed to go check out a few cities with me, but for the most part, I simply remind them about how we came to be such good friends in the first place…. TADA! Instant worry-free Euro-friends.

[Side note: Elle, don’t delete my side notes. They’re part of the entries! I’ve told my mom to check Short Stack on occasion to keep track of me. There was a bit of an oopsy daisy when I got here to Belem, and my SA burner got fried. Note to self: Put cell phone in front- or side-pocket of pants and not back-pocket when in restaurants. Yes, I got pick-pocketed. At least it was my burner, right?]

I fly to Sao Paulo from Belem before flying to Madrid. I’ll tell you guys what. If you ever want to experience something outside of the tourist guide to Brazil, visit Belem. Especially if you’re a Foodie. There’s practically a restaurant-cafe-bistro on every corner… at least that’s what it felt like. [Foodie’s note: Don’t eat pizza or “Americanized” sandwiches. There are the usual culprits (fast food joints), but I highly recommend following the locals to local joints.]

I’m going to miss Brazil, but I’ll be back! As for Madrid… I’m coming home! For the most part, that is. I’ve been there so many times, it feels like home. Now, to get rid of this SA Spanish accent and get into the Euro Spanish before I get laughed out of my friend’s place! HA!


Poetic DJ


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I travel, I listen, I write. As a child of the "average" generation, I want to learn everything through personal experience.
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