Sunday with Dave: Codex

Slightly different structure from your “normal” and “accepted” poetic structuring, but one must exercise their creativity to grow.


It is from my ignorance that I am drawn to your command the law of which declares that I am its depletion, not said out of pride, ego, or bravado, merely a question of the limits defining where I do not doubt, the hope that deceives me into not walking off a roof, the night which is more immediate, essenced in storm and indifference, these rolling aberrations of a March spring awaken me to the risks of looking, wondering why the preoccupation with distance, just my maleness abandoning its self rejections, the illiterate aggression of my hermit who leaks sins from borrowed containers, a better judgment would conclude, it is safer to not notice, the palpability burns with impossible convictions, still I have peeled from the anonymity of your discernment elsewhere, understanding how shallow my question is, to be resolved in the succession of roles that persist beyond their fragility, nonetheless, I still glance against the eternal herding us into unthinking practice, a guessing not considered sentient, more powerful than the results haunting our mutual diversion, draws me out to the non-occurrences defining this sliver, dully balanced between choosing and resigning.

© Dave Arenas “Codex” 6/21/2007

© Dave Arenas “Codex” Short Stack Story Time 2015

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1 Response to Sunday with Dave: Codex

  1. Gabby says:

    Isn’t resigning and doing what they tell you to do the same as a decision made? It can be likened to the ignorant masses who follow a law that is unfair to some segment of society. Still glad that you are around questioning things. More power to you.

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