Promptly Friday: Failure to Launch

:://! Connection Established….:://

:://! Connection Secure….:://

:://! Transmission Start…:://

Yyllin Storlisk

Sixth Degree Deacon

Gracious Overseer of Excavation Site Delta
6th Day Song, 11th Chorus
5th Rotation of Solar Father Armstrong

478th Cycle Since the Receding

Dear Elders of the Five,

I write to you in strict regards to the recent progress of the ancient structure excavations. I believe it is of the utmost importance to you and your ongoing research. There have been some setbacks as well as a few interesting finds. Please forgive the ill reports as they are not entirely within the realms of our control.

The Drelni have encroached upon the most promising site, making continued open excavation in safety almost impossible. Their warlord princes have not appeared yet, but we suspect they are not far removed. There are regular patrols of their Maá’kts riders seen nearly every day song and we feel it will be soon their assassins, the Grogûl as they refer to themselves, are upon us in our huts. We have begun setting up refuge within the smaller structures, fortifying any openings so no light can be seen or sounds heard. We hope to make it appear as though we have abandoned the site, believing they will move along. We have sent decoy caravans off with great haste.

I am personally uncertain of the motives the Drelnī have for showing up. It is very unsettling to see them so near yet not taking action as they have so often before. I am in hopes that your highest wisdom may shed knowledge upon their behaviors. I have pleaded with our closest strongholds to send our reinforced encampments the proper support we desperately need. We have heard little from them, if anything at all.

However, as mentioned, there is some positive news! Four rotations past we were able to open a large corridor that had been sealed shut during the Rising. As we managed to force our way in, we were able to capture the contents that lay hidden. The smell of that within nearly removed the earth blessed breath from three of our crew. How many cycles had it been locked away? We hope our findings and samples will help you to….

Currently, there are five teams exploring the newly exposed corridor; descending, ascending, and traversing as much as possible. It has been reported on more than one occasion that a quiet humming may be heard, as well as a slight vibration in a rhythm. If this structure retains Pre-Rising energy, we may be able to unlock her secrets!

Forgive my excitement. We are here as observers and uncovering agents only, please know that we do not forget our place or our duty, but as we come closer to retracing our ancestry before the Rising, I – We – can do little to conceal our hopes that such a find may grant us more knowledge that we may yet recover.


I have been made aware that light is spreading throughout the structure! Forgive the brevity of this report. Please, send the Archons as well as a few Sentinels. I fear we may need them soon. I can feel the full vibrations of this place! She is alive again! We will soon be reunited with our solar fathers once more! The Drelni will not take this from us, we will make certain of that!

Lights are flashing and a loud noise echoes through these structures! The vibration is now a rumbling! I’m sorry, I must go. I will report our findings in a few songs, before the next rotation. I must see what all the screaming is about… the rumble has grown and gets louder. Strange, I didn’t think it –

:://! Transmission Terminated…:://

:://? Connection Lost, Reconnect?…:://

:://! Critical Malfunction….:://

:://! Connection Permanently Lost….:://

© T.A. Rindler “Failure To Launch” 2015

© T.A. Rindler Short Stack Story Time 2015


About T. A. Rindler

What dreams may come when the mind dances in worlds of imagination? Wordsmithing. It started as a hobby. Now I'm in the process of trying to make it something more than just that. My mind dances fluidly through imaginative world's both hellish and serene, and all that lies between. I've dabbled in so many ideas and interests, but writing has always been something that I would always return to doing. Whether I was writing a story, poetry, abstract thoughts, ideas, essays, or even written/online debates, I have always enjoyed the creative stream of ideas that spring forth. Join me in my journey!
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