Random Thought: UPDATE Cayenne Lemonade

*sighs* I don’t like to admit defeat so early in the game, but for health’s sake, one must know when to wave the white flag.

My body was in such bad condition after two days of the master cleanse that I had to do my research on an alternative route, and I found a way. The master cleanse has a 50/50 plan of attack, and I started re-planning.

Lemonade for breakfast and dinner, a small lunch of protein, veggies, and fruit. Zero carbs… it’s so hard to not eat carbs. *giggles* The biggest test will be this coming Saturday when we have to attend a birthday party.

Within just 24 hours of the 100% master cleanse, my husband lost 5lbs, while I lost 3lbs. Since we switched over to the 50/50 plan, he dropped another 2lbs, while I dropped 1lb. Mind you, this is all with just minimal workout as we work sitting at a desk. The only exercise we were doing was playing with the dogs.

Onward to a new lifestyle!

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