Sunday with Dave: Bones

“Was the absence of a conclusion, then, the essence?”
Yannis Ritsos, The Time Dimension


poets and mystics canonically allude,
the living that dying,
the dying that living,
but the constancy of bones,
there is this feeding,
preyful abstinence of flesh,
the clutch of snipe and snide,
these smiles terrify me,
I would not insult cannibals by comparing them to this,
the unheeded waste in perfume, cologne, powder, after shave,
eau de crated, a circling and then, by memorandum,
beak in gullet, a playful tear at esophagul hope,
the body remains intact,
a fuller gorging,
that the impervious may remain solitarily that,
sloped and smoothed,
it walks off to another feed,
disgorging to another above
seeks even deeper for another to glut itself,
this cycle being fed
gains the promise,
the eating, purely for itself, others
who have known only the hunger.

© Dave Arenas “Bones” 5/21/2003

© Dave Arenas “Bones” Short Stack Story Time 2015

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