Random Thought: Life As Is

Life’s been packed and busy, and as much as I want it to slow down…

It refuses to let me throw a “time-out” signal to breathe! I’ve been MIA on the site due to all the events and real work involved in the month of May.

We (my husband and I) had several birthday to attend throughout the month, and we hosted a couple of events ourselves. Not to mention, the bake sale for the Humane Society that I had signed up to bake for and almost forgot! (That was a rough start to the month, but I managed to bake two dozen cookies and cut 12 squares of brownies for the event!)

Mother’s Day was a kicker. Lots of work but so much fun once everything was settled and sorted and done.

We had skewers of beef, chicken, shrimp, and veggies. No, I don’t mean kabobs… that mixes meat and veggies. I’m talking about all meat skewers grilled to perfection!

I know… show pics or it didn’t happen.

Bam! Everything was so good! I also got to go to my first ever Minor League baseball game. (I’ve only ever been to a high school game, which apparently doesn’t count?) We went to see the eight innings of the Las Vegas 51s. Our seats were pretty much at home plate… and as you can see in the picture… I got to see a lot of man ass when the batters were warming up.

(That’s Cosmo, the alien from Area 51… our mascot. Also, LV 51s won the game.)

We were part of our friends’ wedding, and I co-hosted the bachelorette party with the theme of “Prison Breakout”, complete with prison orange shirts with wedding date (front) and titles (back) and handcuffs! My hubs and I got to walk together down the aisle together (again) at the wedding, and the night was lots of fun. Just look how gorgeous the cake was and how cute the toppers were!

Then, there was Memorial Day Weekend. We hosted a BBQ on Sunday that took two days to prep for. Great turn out and great food (that spanned 3 tables)!

As the month of May comes to a close, I can only hope that June will be kinder to my clock and allow me to sit and write. I have so many movies to do “Look Back” pieces for, it’s crazy! I also have a couple of recipes I want to share with everyone. One of which is the cheesecake pie I made for the BBQ event.

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