Sunday with Dave: Street Smarts

“Street Smarts”

Fallen resentment, the temptation to just say,
but really speaking away from myself,
itself in, afore the police,
demand attention as I write,
child, you can kill me,
you will finish as I, obscure,
there is justice in that fruitlessness,
and the drying air breathes on my neck,
when did eccentricity become annoyance,
or did I become normally paranoid,
knowing I am another’s law,
by virtue of my slaying
countlessly in thought,
there walks deed,
too mindful, I look elsewhere,
and pray that the lumps
are merely congealed decisions,
the sublimated insecurity draws out,
weaknesses never acknowledge,
thus, this partition not between residences,
rather the child’s play that says,
I got you,
headlights draw on my fear,
there has been stoppage,
a threat to say, by watching I enforce,
I make too much of myself,
the silliness of this unspoken war,
where the nakedness of first exile
screeches, neighbor don’t follow me out,
retreat into, groundlessly,
break objects by skipping tirades,
scripted , the fate of choosing it,
as so obvious, still the felt cornered,
this section differs from the rest,
a commonality broadened with bartered sides,
the proximate holocaust,
to defend a vacuity,
whence we are still born,
having a means to get around,
hobbling seems quicker
when thinking fails another travail,
as mine,
the business distant from return
deposits ancestors,
contriving a core
that never reveals its assembly,
there remains the agenda,
follows tithes to their holes,
weighing livelihood
with the turpitude,
sloughing off unrequited possibility,
the target to slip past unknown,
just evading, retaining mass,
that isolation may attain its allotted radius,
with the person present
in the uncommon vision,
where patricide holds the virtue
following absurd reasons,
or is it just that I don’t trust
this inward misrepresentation,
such that the link
forces disdain to consider
fleeing from its hope,
that communing may consume
the whole of one’s sacrifice,
forgetting it was a risk,
braced with abandon,
where unworthiness found expression
in another’s warmth,
an enemy’s creed.

© Dave Arenas “Street Smarts” 11/5/2007

© Dave Arenas Short Stack Story Time 2015

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