Sunday with Dave: Cross Examination

“Cross Examination”

Where has the rupture found peak,
when will the scatter still,
how will the quiet feed,
while foundering on marrow and vein,
do questions actually speak to their pauses,
or has the airlessness given a reply,
does one stand to receive
the evacuation in prayer,
or accept its insistence,
it cannot be objectified,
why absence produces escapelessness,
why nails grip as if grasping at dread,
why the journey to go within,
as if one’s who was no longer speaking,
when does the crest appear,
signaling the violence
in a surge of peace,
before the query,
shall we turn back,
or risk losing the hope
we are told to become?

© Dave Arenas “Cross Examination” 5/9/2008

© Dave Arenas Short Stack Story Time 2015

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One Response to Sunday with Dave: Cross Examination

  1. Gabby says:

    This can be applied to so many situations and ordeals that we go through not only as persons but countries too.

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