Promptly Friday: Discovering Reality

“Discovering Reality”

“All that you see around us is an illusion,” he spoke softly. “Not so much of an illusion that it isn’t real, I might add. But it is a trick of perception.”

“I don’t quite get it,” she replied. “What is the illusion then if this is still real?”

“That is the question you must answer for yourself!” He grinned wide as the foggy mist whipped between them, hiding his usually adorable smile from her. “It could be many things you see before you, or it could be something entirely unseen. What you feel, what you see, what you hear, taste, smell, or touch….” As he spoke, his hands were flying wildly in exaggerated motions describing his words. “You must find your own illusions, your own realities.”

She looked at her hands as she brought them together, testing her senses. Her gaze wandered about for a moment before she looked back to the man sitting next to her. As their eyes met she noticed his smile, as big and bright as he could make it. She knew he was true, he was real, and everything they felt between them was as solid as stone. As she leaned toward him her hand extended to caress his face. As their skin made contact his body became the fog that had been surrounding them. His face and that smile slowly faded into the mist, his expression became one of the purest sorrow she had ever witnessed.

“Why are you an illusion?” She cried out in frustration.  She was more frustrated that she had known moments before that he wasn’t real.

“I had hoped,” his voice lingered. ” That ours could be reality. Or at least that such a reality would have been shared between us. Discover yourself, little bird. I just hope when you do, we might find our realities intertwined.”

She sat silent in the fog for hours, turning into years, waiting for him to speak again. The tears that streamed down her face were real. They tasted bitter with a deep sense of loss, but also of solemn realization. “I think I understand now. Please be there when I come around?”


“Doctor, why is she crying?”

“She’s waking up! Quick nurse! We need assistance.” The doctor’s voice faded from his ears. All he knew was that she was about to return to him after the years they spent side by side in this tiny room.

“I’m right here, I’ve barely left you alone,” he whispered softly as he picked up her hand. “I hope you’ve found yourself since the last time we spoke. I just hope you can rediscover us.” He held her hand in both of his, then placed it against his face, as he placed his hand upon hers, caressing her cheek with his thumb. “May love be the first thing you feel and see.” As his words escaped his lips, her eyes started to open.

© T.A. Rindler Discovering Reality 2015

© T.A. Rindler Short Stack Story Time 2015


About T. A. Rindler

What dreams may come when the mind dances in worlds of imagination? Wordsmithing. It started as a hobby. Now I'm in the process of trying to make it something more than just that. My mind dances fluidly through imaginative world's both hellish and serene, and all that lies between. I've dabbled in so many ideas and interests, but writing has always been something that I would always return to doing. Whether I was writing a story, poetry, abstract thoughts, ideas, essays, or even written/online debates, I have always enjoyed the creative stream of ideas that spring forth. Join me in my journey!
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