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I sleep between my husband, Duke, and Syren. Yes, I’m normally squished in the middle, and I feel like the most well-protected woman in the world.

The other night, I dreamed that I was hiking, and I was bouncing a rubber ball that was the color of a Tiger’s Eye. If you’re not familiar with a Tiger’s Eye, this is what it looks like:

Yes, it almost looks like Syren’s color and her eyes. This is what she looks like:

She has golden Amber eyes and all.

In my dream, I’m hiking along, bouncing this ball. In reality, I can feel little twitches coming from Syren, as she’s dreaming.

A big creature comes into view and towers over me, and the ball is just bouncing in front of me – up, down, up, down, up, down – all on its own. The creature starts moving in my direction, and the bouncing ball attacks the thing.

In reality, Syren’s twitching gets more intense, and I can feel and sort of hear her “ruffing” (weak barks).

In my dream, the creature lunges for me, and I start falling backwards off a cliff. I see the bouncing ball follow me down, as if trying to catch up to me. Just before I hit the ground, I reached for the ball and grasp it in my hand before I woke up.

In reality, Syren let out a louder than usual “ruff” that woke both her and me up, and I was sweaty palms, clinging to her fur. She adjusted and started whimpering and smothering me with her weight.

Is it possible that Syren and I are in-sync to the point that we dreamed the same dream? Ever have something like that happen to you?


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