Vertigo: The Making Of

This should be a “Random Thought”, but I figured that I could make Vertigo my way to exposure that not all literary minds run the same. I say this because when I self-published my first novel, The Donner Encounter, I was asked by a few people about how I wrote the book, and some were confused and/or bewildered about my answer: By scene.

I didn’t write it front to back, chapter by chapter. I jumped around, scene to scene. I actually wrote the first chapter near the end of my writing and finished the epilogue on my first day of writing. It was easier to piece the scenes together than if I were to have written it from prologue to epilogue.

Unlike The Donner Encounter, Vertigo is more about internal conflict. Those who have read my first novel snicker when they asked if Vertigo is another adult romance. Alas, I’ve had my fill of writing adult content literature. *laughs* No, Vertigo is an internal thriller, horror.

With elements of the supernatural being spiritual in nature, there are no vampires (in the blood sucking sense), werewolves, or wizards. It’s a coming-of-age story that follows a teen girl through her seemingly sickly life that turns out to not be health-related but more spiritually driven.

I’m quite excited to actually be writing another novel, and I can’t wait to slip another sneak peek out to readers.

I’ll be writing several behind-the-scenes “The Making Of” pieces as I track my writing progress.

Until next time,


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