Memoriam: La Dulce Brina

On August 29, 2014, I interviewed and published the first Pet Highlight on my friend’s little love bug of a dog, La Dulce Brina. With immense sadness, on February 24, 2015, my friend said goodbye to the bundle of white fur. The path of healing from the loss is a long one for my dear friend, as Brina was really what kept her grounded.

She may have been small, but Brina had a giant heart. Not a lot of people could keep my friend from flying high into the stars, but this little pooch managed to keep her feet planted. Brina went with my friend nearly everywhere outside of work and school.

As long as she was with her momma, she’d do all sorts of stuff. She even went with my friend to Myrtle Beach to support her when she went skydiving. When the marathons became a very regular thing, as long as it wasn’t too cold, Brina went as moral support and encouragement for my friend.

La Dulce Brina put up with all my friend’s long school and work hours, distracted her from her homework and studies, and celebrated birthdays, changes, and graduations. To be honest, I barely remember my friend without the under-bite furry snuggle ball of white.

When my friend informed me of what had happened (it was a natural occurrence and was health-related), I couldn’t contain my tears. I knew that little dog meant the world to my friend, and all I could think about was the pain she’d have to face. While we – her friends – can rally around her, and Mama Burn (her mom) is a strong shoulder to lean on, I know none of us can truly fill the void that La Dulce Brina left open.

brina9Brina was the rays of happy when work was shoved my friend down. She was the absolutely perfect cuddle buddy on cold nights and rainy days. I do know that she was the perfect tantrum thrower when my friend started to get too busy to enjoy life. That last bit was my favorite thing about Brina. Even if I’d remind my friend to slow down and relax a little, she’d ignore me, but when Brina pulls all the sheets and pillows off the bed, tosses all her toys on the floor… it was her way of throwing a tantrum… I knew my friend would 100% stop working her butt off and go on a retreat of sorts in order to kick back and relax.

La Dulce Brina, you are sorely missed and mourned by not only your momma but also your momma’s friends and your grandma. (Not to mention, old girl Bella Raksha.) Watch over momma from your bed among the stars, little one. Sleep well.



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