Vertigo, Part 1

Introduction: There are evils in this world that are unseen. Only a handful of people can actually interact with them, and those who can have a choice to join or fight. Analyse is one of the cursed, the gifted, and she must choose which side she belongs to before her fate is decided for her.


“Vertigo, Part 1”

Not every vertigo is darkness. She told herself behind eyes squeezed shut. Not every vertigo is evil. She knew it was a lie, as the room around her smelled heavy of burnt flesh and sulphur. This vertigo was another attempt by the darkness to claim her, but she had to fight to remain in control of her body and abilities.

Gingerly and carefully, she opened her eyes, and as her vision cleared, the room wavered and shook. White knuckling the counter for stability, she forced her eyes to focus on the shadowbox half filled with wine corks. Sweat began to bead on her temples and upper lip, and her vision slowly returned to normal.

“You can’t run forever.” A crackling, harsh voice whispered into her ear. “You will fall and join us all one day.”

She shook her head angrily. “I will never break and give in,” she cried out. “I’ll always fight against you. I’m good. I’m good. I stand in the light.”

The voice released a laugh that echoed in her ears and throughout the room. “For now,” the rasp response came from within the echo. “For now.”

As the laughter and the dense scent of evil faded, the pressure in her head subsided, and she breathed deeply. A faint whimper reached her ears, and her grip on the counter loosened as she dropped to the kitchen floor. “Tox,” she scooped a small dog into her arms. “I’m sorry, Tox. You shouldn’t have had to see me like that.” She buried her face into the dog’s soft fur. “I won the battle today though. That’s a good thing, right?”

© Elle Vertigo 2015
© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2015

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