Hot Spot: First Friday – Mardi Gras

It’s taken me a month to write this due to me not having a lot to really say about it. However, I said I’d write something about it, so…. The first Friday of February, and my husband and I went to the monthly artwalk in downtown/the art district of Las Vegas.
Unfortunately, if you ask both my husband and I, we’d say it was a total let down. While we did find an artisan we plan on checking out online, walking around the 1.75 block event was less entertaining than we both anticipated and remembered.

According to my husband, we may either be too mellow or sober to have enjoyed the event, or we’re not hippie enough. I was expecting masks and beads and colorful themes all over the place, as did my husband, alongside the local crafts and artwork.

Instead, the were plenty of craft vendors (many over selling their crafts, but that’s not my place to say.) Though, $20 for a parachute cord bracelet that you can’t use as survival type is a waste if you ask me. My dad taught me to make survival bracelets. You can take the thing apart and use all 15 to 30 feet of cord if you need to. *I’m getting off topic*

There were some beads and masks but not as many as you’d think for a “Mardi Gras” theme artwalk. The local artists were out doing their usual stuff instead of what I had expected… “Mardi Gras” based art. In the middle of it all was an open mic for poetry, which brought out my literary critic and was somewhat entertained. The four people I heard perform, two were quite personal with anarchy and depression marked all over their poems, one sang – off key – about heart break, and the four tried to be gangster and thug, trying to pull a spoken word slam with curse words and hand gestures like Eminem. I wanted to yank the mic from him. *I’m getting off topic*

I couldn’t even get my husband to walk down the food row, which would’ve made me happy, but I did manage to get an owl necklace for $10 and got to ride two double-deck buses because they didn’t advertise which parking location they were going to when we were in line. There was also a dance party section with a DJ, but the only music I heard from the area was EDC music. When I think Mardi Gras, I hear trumpets, drums, whistles, and modern Louisiana big band music, not EDC jumping beats.

Am I willing to give First Friday a third shot? *weighs options in hands* Sure, but it’ll take some convincing for my husband to be on board.

Overall, First Friday for February 2015 was a complete bust for me. Mardi Gras theme would’ve been fun if you do it right… but if you don’t know how to pull it off, please don’t even attempt it.

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