Hot Spot: Distill Bar

This is a month late but better late than never, right? At first glance, Distill Bar on West Charleston Blvd in Las Vegas seems like your typical bar. However, when my husband and I stepped closer to the main entrance, we were faced with these huge, heavy doors, and I knew my husband chose the right place to have his Dirty 30 birthday/Super Bowl party.

My husband and I arrived fairly early for his party, as the people we spoke to over the phone (two different phone calls, two different people) informed us that due to the Super Bowl they couldn’t reserve areas… not even for a milestone birthday party. *sigh* So, we get there and tell the staff that we need a table for 10 to 15 people. I quote the manager:

“Why didn’t you guys reserve?”

I quote my husband: “We called twice and were told we couldn’t because of the game.”

I quote the manager: “That’s not right, but we’ll see what we can do.”

I quote myself thinking: Thank you, manager.

We ended up with three tables together to fit 10 people. Come 2:45pm, we had been asked if we really needed the third table, as we only had eight people in our party.

As the Super Bowl began, our table filled up, and we actually had a great turn out for the party! I was so happy! Jade, our waitress was busy, and she kept our glasses filled fairly well. Our table was close enough to the pool tables that half of our table was always missing due to a game of pool.

All things considered, the service was great. The game day food was cheap and their happy hour menu was the usual sliders, loaded fries, and what’s this? Fried artichokes? Which was amazing (!!!) as long as you didn’t burn your mouth from popping them into your mouth while they’re burning hot from the fryer.

At the start of the party

They had this deal for 100 ounces of Miller beer for $12, and I lost count as to who and how many refills the dispenser at our table went through. All I know is that the more people came, the faster the refills came of the poor little dispenser.

After the blowing of candles

Distill even kept the cake in their cooler until I asked for it, and when I did, they brought out cake knives and plates and forks for us. With the service, I had to offer Jade a slice of my husband’s chocolate on chocolate, 5-layer cake. (Yes, I made it. Yes, it was delicious. No, there was no leftovers.)

Overall, for a seemingly “last minute” birthday party on Super Bowl Sunday…

Distill Bar get 4 out of 5 forks from me.



(a) Great prices
(b) Flavorful food
(c) Awesome drink deals
(d) Plenty of TVs to watch games

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