Promptly Friday: The Chum Bucket

Introduction:  Hey everyone!  My first post for Short Stack Story Time!  Promptly Friday is something I had started as a way to engage myself and others in the pursuit of a quick, creative, weekly story generator.  I will post a new prompt each Friday on Facebook as well as my own personal stories here on Short Stack Story Time!  Join in the adventure or enjoy simply the stories!  It should be quite the ride ahead.


“The Chum Bucket”

“Another seaweed smoothie, please,” Frank called out.  “You make the best smoothies, Greg!”  Frank bubbled with glee as he connected his auxiliary induction port to the sealed feeding tube and happily slurped away.

Frank and Jackson frequented the Chum Bucket after almost every long, hard workday.  It was a decent diner, if you could actually call it that.  The place looked like the diners of the old surface world.  Aside from it being under a few hundred feet of water with an advanced form of cephalopod named Greg as the proprietor of the place, it may well have been at one point in the past.

“No offense to you, Greg, but Frank… you say that every time we come in!  As much as I do enjoy these ‘meals’ it just doesn’t beat a solid meal!  I mean, before they became luxury items.  I miss having a nice, juicy steak topped with cheese, onions, and mushrooms.  And the baked potatos with everything on them….”  Jackson’s gaze drifted off to someplace in the distant past as he chewed on a phantom steak.

“You complain more than anyone I’ve seen, Jackson,” said a small voice beside the men.  “Greg, I’ll take the Chummer’s special, please.”

“Dave, if I wanted any lip from you, I’d cast you a line,” Jackson fired back from his daydream.

“Oh, big shot here with his threats!  You can’t bait me like that. Hell, you ain’t got what it takes!”  Dave laughed deeply.  “But I do feel sorry for you guys.  Forced to live like you do.  I think we all agree that your ancestors were idiots when it came to running things.”

Both Jackson and Frank nodded in agreement.  Dave, the fish in the seat beside them, had struck the nail on the head.  Had the old world leaders not been so foolish, this new world would not be in such bad shape.  But when fools fight wars with weapons that alter weather and destroy the fertility of the land..

“But hey,” Dave lifted the fin that held his drink. “If they hadn’t screwed things up for you guys, we’d never have met!  I wouldn’t have these two great friends!  You hear that, Greg?  Their next round’s on me!”

The men cheered, and they toasted to their friendship.


© T.A. Rindler 2015
© T.A. Rindler Short Stack Story Time 2015

About T. A. Rindler

What dreams may come when the mind dances in worlds of imagination? Wordsmithing. It started as a hobby. Now I'm in the process of trying to make it something more than just that. My mind dances fluidly through imaginative world's both hellish and serene, and all that lies between. I've dabbled in so many ideas and interests, but writing has always been something that I would always return to doing. Whether I was writing a story, poetry, abstract thoughts, ideas, essays, or even written/online debates, I have always enjoyed the creative stream of ideas that spring forth. Join me in my journey!
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