Sunday with Dave: No Class

“No Class”

This day of peace,
mandated by uninterest,
to fail the unenforceable is
more terrible,
than any show of force
truthful to itself,
I am revealed
in powerlessness,
what irony, to displace,
precisely by desiring to offer within,
these ideas have no weight,
those who would not come
would see untruth in their carriage,
rendered available this I,
it will walk to a cut off,
crossing into the fathoms and distinct nights,
their categories unyield
which have no edges,
just as I could witness for myself,
the insanity of it,
I believed a heresy could exemplify faith,
rather, I pursued spirit
far more vulnerable to its grafting,
that pinpoint unabridged
in its cramping of leasts.

© Dave Arenas 5/5/2005

© David Arenas Short Stack Story Time 2015

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