Sunday with Dave: Even My Existence, the People Pass By

“Even My Existence, the People Pass By”

Now I understand these corneas,
the transparency with which it is sought,
the money never exists where it can function,
it has being only when withheld,
only when augmenting, accumulating, fining,
to those who occur in risen percentages,
rather peer upon the boarded windows
and sold ancestries,
to have as negotiable,
bail bonds and court fees,
the few megopolies
trading in goods,
most of which die disowned
the future does not happen
except in risks,
not to a few
even with a potential tax hike,
it is easy to appear certain
in theory,
which is posed by law,
and by force in the cement of lost work,
but the struggle to stay and feed,
live with others,
birth life,
no law can determine, promise,
just flee and be forced out,
in the familiarity of resettlement,
adapting oneself to hostility within
let there be a lack, the advantage of government,
profiting from its own mistakes and corruptions,
the take will always flash itself,
don’t blame the whites,
who once upon a time settled here
and burned their own,
still singing prayers of praise,
steady in their loving punishments,
from which evolved
the rationality
of prejudicial sentences
by lethal means,
not always final,
carried for generations passed,
the face before me exists
only in I the beholder’s hate,
the change that threatens is simple,
with time to unfold deciding,
over matters once stolen
for godliness’ sake,
the reflex is to just defer it,
the choice is to confront,
or allow its hold,
for one’s being in the way.

© Dave Arenas 5/8/2006

© David Arenas Short Stack Story Time 2015

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One Response to Sunday with Dave: Even My Existence, the People Pass By

  1. Gabby says:

    So you finally bare your soul to the public. Congratulations Dave.

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