Titanium: The Last Fight

Background: This is my first entry for Short Stack Story Time, and I just went through a fairly rough break-up. I was listening to Madilyn Bailey’s cover of David Guetta’s “Titanium” and was inspired to write about my break-up. Click “play” and listen to the music video playing in the background while you read my poem, “The Last Fight”. I hope you enjoy it.


“The Last Fight”

Another argument revolving around the same topic
Both screaming and yelling, neither making sense
Blow for blow, we strike and bruise the other
Never really breaking skin or drawing blood

Invisible walls stand twenty feet high
We ignore each other’s cries for help
Our tears and pleas fall on our own deaf ears
Still, we avoid facing our shared truths

Bags all packed and a taxi waiting
Your ego blocking the only way out
The final dispute echoes down the stairwell
Well-guarded by my walls, your shouts are unheard

My bruises will heal as will my broken heart
While you remain shattered and grounded
I shall rise from your ashes and grave
To become the bright star I was meant to be

© Poetic DJ 2015
© Poetic DJ Short Stack Story Time 2015


About Poetic DJ

I travel, I listen, I write. As a child of the "average" generation, I want to learn everything through personal experience.
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2 Responses to Titanium: The Last Fight

  1. Gabby says:

    A very emotional poem. Rise from your ashes and be a Phoenix, just like someone you already know and is our mutual friend. Hope things are better now.

    • Poetic DJ says:

      That’s what Elle told me. “Rise from the ashes and be stronger.” She’s been such a strong support beam in and out of writing. It’s quite refreshing really.

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