In My Head: February

Hi everyone!

I’ve been speaking with Elle behind the scenes, and I’m really looking forward to actually getting my poems introduced to the public. To be honest, I was nervous about doing this whole thing, but the more I spoke with Elle and thought about what I’m actually doing with my poems right now, I figured: Why not let others read my stuff? They’re just collecting dust on my book shelf any way.

I’m always hesitant when it comes to letting others read my poems because I get anxious about what people would say or think about me as a person, and I didn’t want to receive the criticism in my inbox. However, Elle prepared me for everything that may and may not come. She assured me that I’m more than likely my worst critic, which is actually true!

I’ve decided to take over the Saturday slot on Short Stack Story Time, so I hope to get to know (some of) you soon. My first poem will be published on February 7. It’s a really personal one, but I might as well air out my “dirty laundry”, right? This way, you’ll really get to know me and how my poetic mind works.

Also, I’ll be doing occasional entries called “In My Head”, which I pulled from Elle’s “Random Thought” segments. I think her “Random Thought” entries are great. I didn’t really start reading Short Stack Story Time until I read Elle’s “A Christmas Wish” entry about the school massacre in Pakistan. After that, I found that I got to know her through her “Random Thought” pieces.

I may be rambling now, but that’s what this segment is about, right? I want to thank Elle for responding to my nervous-wreck email, which took me four drafts before sending it to her, and for giving me this opportunity.

February 7th! My poem, “The Last Fight”, accompanied by David Guetta’s “Titanium” will be published. I hope you all enjoy it.

Poetic DJ


About Poetic DJ

I travel, I listen, I write. As a child of the "average" generation, I want to learn everything through personal experience.
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2 Responses to In My Head: February

  1. Gabby says:

    Feel free to ramble….

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