Hot Spot: Vinnie Favorito Completely F’n Crazy

My mother-in-law surprised my husband and I with a joint birthday gift to see a comedy show at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino on Friday night (Jan. 23, 2015), and we had no idea what to expect.

The show was Vinnie Favorito: Completely F’n Crazy! held in Bugsy’s Cabaret. He does one show every night, and he’s crazy vulgar; very much adult content and very much audience participation required.

The set up of Bugsy’s Cabaret – home of Bugsy’s Burlesque Show – is cozy and a throwback to the early days of Las Vegas. You could say it throws you all the way back to the 1950’s. The maître d’ were probably in their 60’s or 70’s and were in full tuxedos. They only shook the hands of the men, only to take a woman’s hand to lead her into the lounge. The cocktail ladies were in their 50’s to 60’s, and the attire was somewhat more conservative compared to the rest of the Strip. I thought it was adorable.

While the drinks were expensive, the arrangement for the show got you up close and personal with Vinnie, which is completely intentional, as he really lays into audience members with the jokes. He was actually a few minutes late to his own show because according to the hostess, “He ran into traffic.” However, Vinnie laid it out for us, informing us that he “was pulled over by a cop. Are there any cops in here tonight?”

Not even the start of his actual show, and he’s already grilling the crowd. Asking for “black folks”, “How about Southern people?”, “I know we have some Mexicans in here. Where are you?” Unfortunately, he never once asked about Asians. From the observing my husband and I did pre-show, I was the only Asian in the lounge, and I didn’t get picked on the entire show. *sad face*

Let me tell you this: Each show Vinnie Favorito does is different from the one he did before. All because of his intentional interactions with the crowd. It makes him unique and quick on his feet (mental feet). He pounced on this girl who kept primping and touching her hair. During his one-hour show, she got up and went to the bathroom three times, and he made sure we all noticed it. “You’re a very pretty girl; gorgeous really, but F’ing stop messing with your hair already!” He didn’t discriminate his adult humor according to age either. He stayed on his older lady (maybe in her 60’s or 70’s) during the entire show, but his favorite fall back humor was using “big” words, such as procrastinate, and looking toward the only two black ladies and giving the definition (or example) of the “big” word. The two ladies were so awesome though. They were laughing so hard along with the rest of the room.

There were no cameras or phones or anything allowed, which really gets you involved with the comedy. You know, “live in the moment” type deal. I didn’t really look at my husband or hear him over my own laughter and cheering. I can probably safely say that my husband hates when I really get into jokes, as I slapped his leg and elbowed him a few times during the performance. *blush*

At the end of his routine, he gave out a couple of goodies, and told everyone that he’ll be set up outside to sign autographs and take pictures.

For $20, you can get a CD of the performance you just endured, and I had such a good time, I ended up getting a CD. As part of our gift from my mother-in-law, we got pictures (that the photographer takes before you go into the lounge pre-show) for free.

When I got my CD autographed, Vinnie took one look at me and went “Where were you?!” and cracked a few towards my husband and me. (“Are you in the military? That’s the only way to get her kind, right?” and “Where do you riv?”)

At the end of the night, my husband and I were taking deep breaths from our sides hurting with laughter. It was a wonderful birthday (belated/early) gift to receive, and one worthy of notice and reflection.

I wouldn’t mind going to see him again. Maybe next time, I’ll just shout that there’s an Asian in the house to get his attention. *laughs*

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