Writer’s Block

     Every writer gets it at one point or another, writer’s block. It is such a pain when it goes on for longer than a couple of days. Everyone has different ways to try and get over their blockage but sometimes even the tried and true ways fail. It’s happened to me more times than I can count and now it’s happening again. I’ve been trying to write a story for over a year now, and I’m just stuck. When I receive a letter and go to respond, nothing. It is frustrating me so much.

     I used to love to write anything and everything. Poetry was how I got my feelings out for my unrequited crushes, and prose gave life to some interesting thoughts from my imagination. It was something that I could do by myself quietly. I could still sit alone and write… if it weren’t for this enraging writer’s block! This is that I am writing is actually an attempt to get my creative juices flowing again. To unblock the dam of knowledge and… well you get the gist. Right now I am not sure if it is helping, but it isn’t hurting. I am writing. Maybe I’m not writing about what I was wanting to, or what I am suppose to be posting, still it’s something. Am I right?

     Okay, I hear the crickets chirping. Even the ones in my own brain. That is the issue, my brain. My brain likes to run so many thoughts thru my head at once it’s difficult to pin point just one and nail it down. Hahaha, I can see the mini-explorer in my brain tracking an elusive thought hunting it silently thru the forests of my imagination. Finally the explorer pounces and uses a hammer and nail to hold the thought in place long enough for me to write it down. Perhaps that’s what I need to do. Meditate and clear my thoughts, letting the inspiration come to me again. It’s a thought.


About TheatreAnon

I have a B.A. in theatre from a private liberal arts college. One of my favorite classes was getting to see equity theatre and writing about what I saw.
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