Sunday with Dave: Mending

“Comprehension, in short, means the unpremeditated, attentive, facing up to, and resisting of, reality – whatever it may be. Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism


Not afforded,
the menace of smoking self into glass,
I feel these deep disputes,
the blot of entire wills,
over dramatic is a delicately calibrated tool,
the revision of the revision of the underwritten,
people had known more prospective parodies,
how else the humor,
I have folded,
I must latch back,
the plenitude is just scrap,
to speak is a grating I must hold steady,
we are not solely objecting maneuvers,
even if caught that way,
the loss gains for us
a chance to stand close and talk,
even if in the subdued
where thoughts may simply wind,
in the caution,
a note of promise
that has yet to find its practice,
in the doing,
still a turn
baiting people into the agenda.

© Dave Arenas 11/6/04

© David Arenas Short Stack Story Time 2015

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