Background: When either Duke or Syren can’t sleep, I’m usually the one to snap awake to figure out what they need to return to sleepy land. This time around, it was Duke. Possibly restless due to his recovery, itchy from his scar, or just plain uncomfortable, he pulled me out of sleep, and 2 hours later (as in 1:00am), I was still awake, listening to him harmonizing his snores with my husband’s. So, what did I do? I wrote about it. *laughs*


Soft whimper in the dark
Gentle paws at my side
Restless pup looking for comfort

A groan and a sigh
Small lick on my hand
Listless pup rise to find a new spot

Between ma and pa
Stretched out long
Discontented pup sighs deep

Ma rises from bed
Auto-pilot on
To fetch restless pup water

Two bowls worth all drunk
With pa’s arm wrapped ’round
Listless pup finally finds sleep

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2015

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