Friendship Rings

“Friendship Rings”

There are certain days
(And nights, for that fact)
That my female heart yearns
For the comforts of the familiar
Faces, names, voices, and laughs

There must be something
Said of the familiar connection
That binds my female soul
To those who have shared
Classes, dreams, failures, and success
Though it’s difficult
To look back into the
Days of past and gone
My female heart aches for the
Jokes, fusses, smiles, and tears
In my female dreams
I find myself roaming
And seeking out those
Who shared old
Halls, rooms, malls, and buses
My female nose deceives me
As I smell familiar scents
Of minty smoke and old books
Of Starbucks coffee and theatre
Of ocean breezes and pencils
I dream one day to
Share another teary-eyed laugh
With those who touched
My female heart and soul
Those who stuck and remained
By my side during the
Fair weather and dark storms
I count my female self
So lucky to have had
The smallest of circles
So tight and full of
Laughter, heart, and trust
One day, dearest friends
We shall all have our day
To frolic and play as children
Once did in the lands
Of fun and fancy-free
Until that day comes
My female self prays
You all accept this token
To hold dear and near
As I hold you to me
A symbol of unfailing support
A sign of steadfast trust
A token of undying loyalty
A friendship ring to last for an eternity

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2015

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