Sunday with Dave: Poetic Critique

“Poetic Critique”

There is no critical theory,
a word whose root lies in being a spectator,
theorizing worships, hides in secular, contemplates power,
the text book bought and paid for by a few letters
and too many exclusions,
I hang with the loser poets,
who are kicked out for writing about murder,
told their poetry is too formal by the party,
itself wanting a realism
in their free flow capital,
I walk with the ones said to be plagiaristic
for transcribing too much boring history,
bind me to the hard to understand
not wanting others to cop,
the all too plain to sanctify
being turned out from the gate,
my blatant absolute
is that there must not be
a resolution to this conflict,
it resides in between characters
drawing spit to compel digits,
not necessarily a science
except to organize for another
where we could find temporary shelter
before onrushing with an unanswerable why,
I read into the never told you so,
that is souly gashed on the page,
the shooting oneself for never a boss,
the never heard before
always finds its mortal gesture,
the written by everybody
declared worthless
must unhinge
the never to return,
scrap into all of this,
it has more giving than the ego unmoved.

© David Arenas 7/21/04

© David Arenas Short Stack Story Time 2015

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