Name Game: Pet Edition, Virginia

Introduction: In my childhood days in Virginia, I had the privilege of having a mix of cats and dogs as pets (never at the same time). I was also privileged enough to meet two wonderful German Shepherd Dogs who bore my family Polgas, aka Pol. I had to include them in this series. I give you, “Name Game: Pet Edition, Virginia”.

Pretty, prim, and perfect
Role – reversal in lead
Ice queen to some while
Nice girl to others
Caring, nurturing motherly sort
Excellent companion
Sassy yet simple
Sweet and sublime

Princely at his prime
Overly active in his youth
Lover of bones and ropes
Guardian of Axton
Attacker of chickens
Strong yet soft

Huge in size and build
Ever watchful
Roar of a lion
Curious yet careful
Useful in heavy woods
Lover of sticks and his brood
Eager to serve
Sensible yet strong and stern

Heaven – sent
Ears of a patient listener
Rouses only for the master
Always proper and obedient

Solely satanic
Whiskers of plot
Excelled at hiding
Energetic minion
Trips humans at the stairs
Yearning to break free

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2015

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