Name Game: Pet Edition, Nevada

Introduction: I’ve been in Nevada for getting ready to hit three years, and already, I’ve witnessed some crazy, lovable pets. Here they are in “Name Game: Pet Edition, Nevada”.

Sweet, soft, serene, and stubborn
Yearning for attention
Reliable to a fault
Extreme jealousy and protective
Never ending hugs and loyalty

Dashing daredevil
Undying love and understanding
Kisses everywhere, at any time
Expert alert, guard dog

Ditsy for his size
All tongue and tail a’wagging
Licking constantly
Love of squeaky ducks and chews
Alert to every knock and bell
Scared to lose connections

Justified growl and judging stare
Overly red and outwardly demonic
Endless security

Eternal guardian

Super hyper, Satan snack pup
Three handfuls of tumbles
Alternating personalities
Restless bark and leg syndrome

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2015

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