Sniff, Couch, & Covers

Background: Poor Duke has had a seemingly long week due to his surgery last week. Watching him all week led to this poem.

“Sniff, Couch, & Covers”

No leash or walk, that’s what they said
But I say, you can’t hold me down
No gladiator or tug-o-war, just play dead
Get served hand and paw, like royalty with no crown

Be stubborn at meal time
To get hand fed by ma
At the bed, I can’t climb
So I get hoisted up by pa

My stitches, they itch
But mama yells at me to stop
I groan and moan, cry, and *itch
And get my noggin a bop

Alone time, I no longer get
To pee, I must have eyes watching
Because they fear I will set
My mind and paw to scratching

What am I to do during these lonely days
But sniff around ma and her loft
And hear her say a bunch of nays
And lie on blankets and pillows soft

I’m restrained to the couch
No longer allowed to stay out
And I take pills that make me slouch
And while sister plays, I’m left to pout

As for light, I use all my power
To hog every blanket, sheet, and cover
To hide my head, so I can cower
And pray for all this pain to be over

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2015


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