Random Thought: Giveaway Ideas

With my husband’s milestone birthday (and the Super Bowl) fast approaching, along with Valentine’s Day weekend (yes, I said the “V” word!), I have a slight tingling to do a giveaway. However, I want to do something different. I’m tired of using Facebook to decide who wins, and I’m tired of giving away $15 Amazon gift cards. (gasp! what?!)

If not for Super Bowl weekend, I was thinking about doing a Valentine’s Day giveaway. However, only if I get enough input on the matter. If not, the next one would be closer to… say… Fourth of July. You know, American Independence Day. So, here’s my idea:

Instead of giving away an Amazon gift card, I was thinking about $20 to a nicer restaurant, like Outback, Applebee’s, or Bahama Breeze? Something that’ll make you get out, sit down, and actually enjoy something more than… oh, I don’t know… Burger King? Subway? Stars forbid, McDonald’s?

Thoughts? I could get a list of restaurants for the winner to choose from….

How will I choose the winner? Oh yeah, that’s a bit of important information. Since it’s my husband’s milestone birthday *cough* 30 *cough*, I was thinking about a small contest. Think… Cards Against Humanity… It’s hard to get my husband to laugh, and I mean, nearly impossible. You have to be Jeff Dunham, “Fluffy”, or (I still don’t understand this last one) Seth Rogan funny to even get him to SMIRK or SNICKER ONCE! (and those aren’t considered LAUGHING!)

I think that would be a nice challenge. It’s something to start the idea juices going. Help me help you help yourselves to a $20 dinner, and leave your idea comment(s) below.


– Elle


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