Update: Duke

Following up to my Random Thought: Fear post.

Duke’s recovering from his surgery on my birthday (Wednesday, Jan 7). I had a great birthday besides his surgery. I’ve been off the computer and away from writing due to having to keep an extremely close eye on his potential scratching, licking, hyper activity. He must remain subdued and nearly lethargic until after the stitches are removed next Friday.

My husband and I can’t really leave him alone because of it, so we’re on a rotation when it comes to leaving the house. I’ve decided to use this time to practice being an “at home mom” and a “work from home mom”. When I’m not working, I’m so busy keeping Syren preoccupied and busy, while I try to keep Duke as comfortable as possible. (Yes, he does have meds.)

I do have a new piece that I wrote but will publish on Monday. Tomorrow, a piece from Comrade David will be made public. Also, keep your eyes peeled for a new piece from Jesse Cole.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.


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