Random Thought: Fear

I never knew I could have fear be driven into my bones by having to deal with a dog’s health. I now know how it must feel dealing with an infant child. I’m running on under four hours of sleep, juggling food, water, and meds (all for the dog), along with my real job. I’m not complaining; just contemplating what the future holds for me as a future mother. When the time comes, I hope and pray that my husband has the patience to put up with me.

I’ve lost my temper once already, and it’s just Day 1 of puppy recovery. Loads of positive thoughts and prayers of healing would be appreciated for Duke, and thoughts and prayers of patience and rest to my husband and myself would be greatly appreciated.

I’m off to ATTEMPT catching a few z’s before dinner must be dealt with. Hopefully, I’ll have a new piece of literature tomorrow.

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