29th Year

Background: Today is my birthday, and I feel like an old fart. I know 29 isn’t “old”, but boy, do I feel like it is on some days. *laughs* So, here’s to another year!

“29th Year”

No candles to blow
A cake baked by my hands
Gifts showered and opened
And greatly appreciated

No work to do
A day off is a relief
A few hours to spend
With mother dearest

A small dinner perhaps
And a movie, Les Mis
As tradition dictates
Must be watched and enjoyed

Many relatives will remember
Several friends will too
Only in-laws and hubs
Will celebrate in town

For what is age but
A silly little number
That toils with the mind
To think of everything lost

Life is still full steam ahead
Full of promise and hope
With the whispers of children
And more love and support

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2015

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