Time Be Gentle

Background: When I dream, I really dream. I’ve been a bit restless for a few nights now, and while my dreams were vague, I heard from my grapevine of a death that I knew was coming. The family requested to remain anonymous, but this one is for them.

“Time Be Gentle”

Time be gentle.
For I am but a babe, crying out
and calling for my mother’s bosom,
full of nourishment, and her arms
of motherly love.

Time be gentle.
For I am only a child, curious of
the world around me. Watch how
I play and dance and be in awe
of everything large and small.

Time be gentle.
For my rebellious teen years have come
to drive a force so fierce and strong,
I power my age beyond my years
and know not what I do.

Time be gentle.
For now I walk in cap and gown
to receive a slip of paper to prove my worth.
Teach me perseverance and patience,
as I join the roller coaster called the workforce.

Time be gentle.
You’ve forced my heart to race and falter,
not over a boy or a job but over a man whose
smile shines just for me. Pause yourself and
let me linger in his arms a while longer.

Time be gentle.
You and Fate are kind to me, walking by my side
and into the arms of my steadfast lover, who
waits with Fortune and Destiny at the altar.
Though my knees feel weak, I glide on with your wings.

Time be gentle.
You’ve sped by so fast, and now you flicker and fade
as I scream with every cramp. You tick away
e’er so slow until the smallest of cries halt you
in your tracks, as it does everyone in the room.

Time be gentle.
Let my child sleep through a single night, and
I will no longer call you evil and cruel.
Give me three Z’s and two snores and a grind,
and I shall give you my praise.

Time be gentle.
I’ve seen my child grow too fast, and now,
I am weary with old bones and a tired heart.
Welcome me into your embrace, and this old girl
shall rest in solemn peace.

Time be gentle.
Watch over my child and grandchild, as
you watched over me. Guard and guide my
descendants through the years only you have foreseen,
and thank you for being gentle with me.

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2015

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1 Response to Time Be Gentle

  1. Perpetuo A. Gutierrez says:

    A good one!

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