A Wedding Planner’s Wish: Dear Bride

Background: A dear friend of mine is getting married at the end of February 2015 after a 5-year engagement. Life has taken her and her fiance down some rough patches (not so much relationship-wise, just life’s obstacles) that they haven’t really planned out their wedding, as they weren’t sure when they could do the formal ceremony and reception combo. As I talk with her and try my best to help, words halted me as I was scanning through potential cake toppers, and the following was the result of my pause.

“A Wedding Planner’s Wish: Dear Bride”

Dear Bride-to-be,
Between the diets and the medication,
Among the self-loathing of body and self,
You must stop and breathe, and
Remember the root of the stress and anxiety.
For you are planning one of your biggest days;
The day you shall become
The brightest star in the darkest of nights,
The rainbow shining in the fiercest storms.

Dear Bride-to-be,
Beside the desire to rip your hair out,
Outside of the attempts to make guests happy,
Remember the reason behind the frustrations.
For the event you’re planning is strictly focused
On you and the one waiting for you at
The end of the aisle that feels like
A heart beat, a runway, an eternity
Before you reach his arm.

Dear Bride-to-be,
Though you may be fatigued,
Even if you’re on the verge of tears,
Always pause and look at the hand that bears
The mark of a love so patient and sure.
The one that will soon be joined by another
Eternal ringlet that will bond you to another
Person who is just as nervous and excited
About the big day as you.

Dear Bride-to-be,
As the day draws near and
The stress begins to boil over,
Stop and enjoy your accomplishments.
With less than two months,
You’ll have managed to put together
An event that marks your path to
Becoming not a woman, but a wife,
Which is – in the end – a great event to celebrate.

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2015

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