A Christmas Wish, Part 8

“Christmas Day”

The day has finally come
For all the shopping to be done,
And the wallet be sighing relief.

Last minute wrapping and taping,
Prepping food and table draping;
All for pictures and videos and company.

Don’t forget Santa’s cookies and milk
And to hide your wife’s robe made of silk
In her stocking by the tree.

Must wait for the children to fall asleep
Before tossing the presents for them to reap
Under the tree on Christmas morn.

As the clock strikes midnight,
Take time to appreciate your cheerful site,
As hard earned money was used to do it all.

When the children wake and run from their rooms,
You may end up wishing you asked for some brooms,
As wrapping paper and ribbons scatter the floor.

As the kids scream and play in glee
And as you may be too busy to see,
Don’t forget to stop and remember:

Besides the gifts and Christmas lights,
Beyond the shrieks and cries of delight,
There’s something more to celebrate.

Friends and family, young and old,
Come together to share a story told
Throughout the years of love and hope.

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2014


Even if you lack the faith or have your own, my final wish this Christmas is for everyone to set away from the presents and toys from under the tree and from within the stockings and remember to celebrate each other.

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