A Christmas Wish, Part 6

I’ve been asked several times by people about what I want for Christmas this year, and I’ve really been trying to think. However, I can honestly say I don’t really have a lot of “wants” during the Christmas season… at least not since I was 17. After really thinking about it for a few days now, I can officially provide a “Christmas Wish List” that’s more like a long-term home improvement list. *laughs*


  1. Rope toys and blankets for my dogs
  2. A year’s worth of dry dog food for my dogs (Taste of the Wild: High Prairie. 30 pound bags)
  3. An iron gate that matches the porch railing to close off the porch
  4. A durable baby/pet gate for the stairwell
  5. A microfiber sectional sofa
  6. A permanent patio cover

My husband is exempted from gift-giving for the next four (4) gift-giving celebrations due to his gift of VIP tickets to see Carlos Santana. (He’s not excused from our first year anniversary though.)

I’ve already received my minor “wants” to be honest, so if I could really list out what I desperately want…

  1. A Christmas with my family in the Philippines and/or New Jersey
  2. For everyone I know to make a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child

That’s really all I’ve got. What’s your Christmas wish?

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