A Christmas Wish, Part 1

This free verse poem is for my “little brother”. He knows who he is. He doesn’t really get a lot of appreciation, and he definitely deserves every bit of positive reinforcement. He may seem strong, but I know how big and fluffy his heart is. While he means well and good, people just seem to not understand his train of thought.


“A Christmas Wish, Part 1”

Though we’ve yet to see each other in reality,
And we rarely actually hear each other’s voice,
I’m glad I agreed to play that “silly” MMO
All those years ago.

Nearly ten years of sarcastic banter
And advice that goes without heed,
I’ve watched your rise,
Cringed at your falls, and
Ground my teeth when you break.

I know your truths,
Roll my eyes at your blunders, and
While I simply stand back and observe,
I pray and hope and dream that
You’ll one day reach enlightenment and
Embrace your full potential without
Doubt and rebuttal.

You know my rules, and though you’ve
Tested my strings twice before,
You refuse to tread near the third.
You know my ups, and you’ve seen my downs.
Yet, when others tend to shy from my fiery spray,
You lunged into my flames, arms flailing away,
To snap me out of my rage.

I know you’ve heard me say it before,
But I’ll be damned if I stop reminding you;
For I know hardly a person can see or admit
Just how much you mean to them.

For those who are blind and
Those who don’t care,
I wish for you, this Christmas,
To know how much you’re appreciated.
Never forget; you must always remember,
I’ll always have your back
Because you’re the best little brother
A girl could ever have.

© Elle Short Stack Story Time 2014

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