Random Thought: Happy Birthday, Syren (& Duke)!

All smiles at Pismo Beach

My “not so little” girl is officially four years old today! I may be crazy, but I think she knows it’s her birthday. Yesterday, she was acting all weird(-ish), and last night, she was actually obeying non-commands. [Side note: Duke actually understands sentences, aka non-commands. I’ve trained Syren with single-word commands, not full phrases.]

This morning, we (Syren and myself) are doing our usual birthday routine (minus one step). Vet visit for annual shots, dog park, and birthday dinner. We usually visit a groomer after the dog park, but we’re going to skip it this year (for now).

“Birthday dinner?” You may ask. Well, I sort of started it, so I can’t really back out of it now. What it entails: Going to the 99 Cent Store and buying the thin Rib-eye steak in the frozen section. Going to a doggy store and getting a medium cookie (usually homemade) OR a giant rawhide (whichever one I find first). You see where I’m getting at? Once a year, since I got her back in 2011 (she was 9 months when I got her… just before December), she gets a full “human” meal that’s safe for dogs. Steak, mixed veggies, some broth, and a dessert. I do nothing but celebrate her.

This year, we’ve got an addition to our routine, as Duke is turning nine this year! My husband and my mother-in-law aren’t sure about the day, so to make things a little bit easier for… me… us?… we’re joining their birthdays together. This is Duke’s first ever celebrated birthday, so he’s not really sure what’s going to happen, but I hope he enjoys the day.

I’m a proud pet parent, so I’ll probably be posting pictures. *laughs* Did I mention that Syren’s growing taller? She’s two inches taller than she was about four months ago, and I had hoped she stopped growing a year ago! *sighs*

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1 Response to Random Thought: Happy Birthday, Syren (& Duke)!

  1. Perpetuo A. Gutierrez says:

    Why do you want her to stop growing? Will she be taller than you or will she outgrow her clothes?

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