A Christmas Wish, Introduction

In the coming days before Christmas, I’ll be writing some original poetry in dedication to certain people in my life who may currently need a little bit of comfort. While this year has been filled with so much joy and happiness for my husband and myself, it has been a trying and rough one for several folks near and dear to me.

They may already know how others feel and what others think about them, but for the most part, I know some of them go unnoticed, and they stay under the radar for others to shine and stand, soaking up the spotlight. It’s time they have their turn on center stage, and while I know I could simply call, text, e-mail, Skype, FaceTime, PM, and any other method of communication, there’s just a little bit more something when it’s written in a poem or a story.

I look forward to sharing these pieces with everyone, and I, myself, am unclear as to how many parts “A Christmas Wish” will be broken into. Each part will be for a specific person, and whether or not they’re named in the piece, I know the person will know it’s for them.

I hope everyone remembers to tell or remind someone just how special they are. You never know when it’s too late.


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