Pet Highlight: Duke

My fur babies are a bit upset with Short Stack Story Time because there hasn’t been a “Pet Highlight” in a few months. Syren’s been prancing and bragging about having her “Highlight” done, and Duke’s demanding to get his time in the spotlight. (Though he’s not really the type to show off, when he wants to be heard… he wants to be heard.) With no further ado, let’s give a round of applause for December’s Pet Highlight: DUKE!

Duke: Do I get a cookie for this, Mom?

Elle: Afterwards, maybe. Do you remember when you first met Daddy?

Duke: He was big, and I was little, and I also met grandmama.

Elle: How did you feel when Daddy had to go away for work?

Duke: When I had to live with grandmama and grandma and Jo-E? I was confused and mad, but Dad said he’d come visit and that I had to behave for grandmama and grandma. He told me I had to be a good boy.

Elle: Do you remember when we first met?

Duke: You smelled like Syren, and you played with me. What I remember best is when Daddy said we were all going to live together. I didn’t expect Syren though.

Elle: Were you okay with Syren?

Duke: *long silence* She’s okay. After playing with her at the park and seeing Dad love on her, I knew she was okay. She wasn’t like Jo-E. She didn’t growl at me when she first met me.

Elle: What do you and Syren do all day?

Duke: When you and Dad aren’t home? We wrestle, play tag, and sleep. Big Fluffy left the couch, so we have more room to stretch out.

Elle: Big Fluffy? You’re talking about Good Company, the teddy bear?

Duke: Yes, Big Fluffy.

Elle: Okay… I didn’t know you had a different name for him.

Duke: Syren called him “Fluffy”, and I added “Big”. Are we done yet?

Elle: Almost. What’s you favorite part of the day?

Duke: *long silence* Dinner, walks, or bed time. I can’t decide.

Elle: Maybe you can decide on what your favorite game to play is.

Duke: Tug-tug. (Tug-o-war)

Elle: I knew you’d say that’s your favorite game. How about your favorite food?

Duke: Cookies. Turkey. Cookies. No, jerky. *growls* Cookies AND jerky!

Elle: Not so easy to decide, huh?

Duke: You make it hard, Mom. Like that one time, you told me to pick. I picked the big cookie, while Syren picked the jerky. I should’ve picked the jerky too.

Elle: That’s why I haven’t let you guys pick since that one time. Any last words for your highlight?

Duke: Never cheat when you wrestle or play gladiator. If Mom catches you cheating, she’ll stop the battle. If Dad catches you, he’ll pick you up and turn you upside down. Wait until Mom or Dad says, “Go to bed,” before actually going to bed or else you’ll miss out on bedtime cookies, and you never want to miss out on bedtime cookies. Syren likes to rub it in if you miss out on it by burping in your face and letting you smell the cookie on her breath.

Elle: She does that to you? *Squints at Syren lying in the background*

Duke: Yeah, but I get her back by gassing her.

Elle: *laughs* You may get her back by doing that, but you gas Daddy and me at the same time!

Duke: Yeah, I know, and I always apologize, don’t I, Mom?

Elle: *nods* Anything else you want to say?

Duke: Nope. Cookie now?

“I’m king of the Daddy!”


If you have a pet you’d like to acknowledge or have recognized in a “Pet Highlight”, send an e-mail to me via Contact Me.

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